Shooting avec Moussa

On continue avec des photos du shooting de Moussa.





You know this guy. It is Moussa Ba. Creator of Facebams brand, actor and writer.





A bientôt pour plus de photos.

See you son for more photos.

4 réflexions sur « Shooting avec Moussa »

  1. Beautiful pictures man!

    1. Thanks man, the model is very talented too. Have a great Sunday

      1. Sunday is almost over here,thanks,what did you do?do post some pictures of your day if you can,my only way to look in the lives of other is pictures.

      2. Some articles of nice villages I have visited are scheduled and I am on vacation tomorrow 🙂 so of course I will visit some nice places that you will see in a couple of weeks at my blog. I will name the articles September escapades

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